Master your STIHL!

Free training with your STIHL purchase at Forest and Gardening. It's an investment in your equipment, your safety, and your gardening success. So, don't miss out! Buy our Product today and unleash the power of your STIHL

Free Training

Targeted sessions

Whether you’re a chainsaw rookie taking your first steps into the world of tree cutting or a seasoned trimmer pro looking to refine your techniques, our training sessions are customized to meet your needs. We ensure that you won’t waste time on irrelevant information or cover topics that are already familiar to you.

Free Training

Maintenance made simple

Routine upkeep, such as sharpening chains, changing spark plugs, and winterizing tools, can become familiar tasks with clear, hands-on instruction. These maintenance activities are essential for keeping your equipment in optimal condition, and by following proper guidelines, you can confidently perform them to ensure continued performance and longevity of your tools.

Forestry & Gardening Tools Zimbabwe

Confidence in every cut

With expert guidance, you can approach any task confidently, experiencing smooth sailing and satisfying results. To achieve this, plan and prepare, follow proper techniques, take breaks and stay hydrated, maintain a clean workspace, and seek expert advice when needed. Get your tools now.


Enhanced safety

Safety is crucial while utilising strong instruments like STIHL equipment. Because of this, our training goes beyond fundamentals to provide you the information and abilities you need to prioritise appropriate and safe usage.


Product familiarization

At Forest and Gardening, we believe true ownership starts with understanding. That’s why our free STIHL training program emphasizes in-depth product familiarization. Visit our store to explore our range of Stihl products and enroll in our free training program


Q&A session

There’s more to our free STIHL training programme Q&A session than just asking questions. Through group learning, you may explore deeper, make sense of details, and receive personalised coaching from our knowledgeable trainers.

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